Educational Energetic Seminars

FUN FILLED programs & GAME PLAYING for reinforcement.

Brain or Spine Day

Overview of a variety of dysfunction‘s and dieases will be presented. Gameplaying will be included to reinforce informative information provided in this fun filled day.

Caring for the stroke patient

Education about the facts of a stroke risk factors signs and symptoms and the latest nursing interventions in the care of a stroke patient.

Neurotrauma day

Strategies to improve your neurological assessment, cranial sobri cerebral trauma, cervical cord trauma systemic complications of neurological injury, and bullets and brains.

Cynthia Bautista, PhD, APRN, FNCS

(203) 394-2542 . Educational sessions will be personalized to meet your needs.

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Cynthia Bautista


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Neuroscience Clinical Nurse Specialist

Yale – New Haven Hospital in New Haven Connecticut.

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Cindy Makes Learning Fun

Knowledgeable . Energetic . Fast Paced

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